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How it Works

We keep our process simple! When you are ready to explore your hearing needs and options, contact the Hear Here office of your choice. We will schedule your first appointment. Please arrive 10 minutes early. During your first visit you will receive a hearing test and evaluation.

If you are not in need of hearing aids, you will be informed at this time. If hearing aids are recommended, different products and pricing will be discussed with you. After deciding the best fit, we will order your products from the manufacturer. 7-10 business days are allowed for processing.

When your new hearing aids arrive, we will contact you to schedule a delivery appointment. At this appointment, your new products will be programmed, and you will be instructed on use and care.

A follow-up visit will be scheduled for around two weeks. When you return, your hearing aids will be checked again, and your satisfaction evaluated.

From this point, we request you return every 6 months for a check up. We also request you call as soon as you have questions, need an adjustment or repair, a hearing aid cleaning or supplies.

We do not know you are in need of our services unless YOU tell us. Please do.