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What About Those Hams

What About Those Hams?
As a thank you gift, our company gives away a honey spiral ham to all union members and Veterans who receive a hearing test at one of our locations.

This tradition is continued from the previous owner of one of the practice locations, who was also the first hearing provider to attend union retiree meetings as an invited guest.

As a thank you gift for allowing the company to offer services to the members, honey spiral hams were donated for the member’s monthly raffles.

It wasn’t long before members started asking, “Hey, can I get one of those hams when I come in for my test?”

Well, who could resist thanking those who faithfully patronized the company? Thus, the “Get a hearing test and a ham” began.

Since 1992, it’s estimated, the company has given away 25,000 (maybe more) hams to Metro Detroit union members, with NO obligation to purchase hearing aids.

Hear Here would like to say thank you to the many union members who continue to choose our company. Schedule your hearing test with us today, let us know you are a union member or a Veteran, and receive your FREE Winter Sausage Honey Spiral Ham as our Thank You Gift.

*There is no obligation to purchase hearing aids.